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Why choose a party bus for your Wedding.

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    Do you have a large bridal party? Is your gown massive? Do you have groomsmen in your bridal party that are bigger then the average guy? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then using a party bus for your wedding transportation is your best option. Twenty years ago when many of the pictures taken at a wedding included the vehicle, and the party bus was far from it is today, using any type of bus for your wedding day would have been unheard of. Today things are very different.

    Back in the day we did not have party buses like we have today. Large SUV’s or multiple limousines were your only option with a large wedding party. Going this route can be beautiful and stylish but having several different vehicles means the cost increases, it also means that your guests’, family and bridal party will be separated. The cost is one negative variable ,in addition with everyone separated it makes it more difficult for the photographer and videographer to do their jobs (follow this link for advice from the experts). Many times those candid or natural shots are some of the best memories from the day of your wedding and with everyone in different places for a large part of the day you will not have many of these real moments captured that involve the entire bridal party.

    Photography has also advanced to the point where pictures of the vehicles are not done as often as they once were. This means that the aesthetic or actual look of the vehicle means less then it once did. Today it’s more about comfort and convenience. The ability to move around and all travel together in one vehicle makes a big difference. The other option is sliding in and out of a vehicle or squeezing into the biggest SUV possible just to be shoulder-to-shoulder and sweating on a hot day in a tuxedo or new dress.

    Do yourself the favor, save money be comfortable and make it easier on your photographer and book a party bus for your wedding. Things are different today and you will be happy with your decision when you realize the extra comfort and maneuverability a nice party bus affords you. If you have a big bridal party it really is the only way to go!

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